GCS Santa Ana 8 year anniversary

April 29th, 2017 - We were lucky enough to celebrate the 8 year anniversary of GCS in the  city of Santa Ana. 

It's been a long and winding road, but we've made it. We count everyday open as a blessing, every patron as a priority and every event as an opportunity. We've been lucky to be part of this underground art and music culture. As long a there are people to support us, we'll have the will to keep bringing you the best. Tip your glass, here's to another 8 years in DTSA... and hopefully many, many more.

We were blessed to have the legendary Abstract Rude and 2MEX come through and give us a great performance. Accompanying them was Namek and B. Squid from KTF entertainment. DJ Real and Vangala on the decks for the night. Gilead7 hosted the show. DAMET and BAIR paintted live with MTN 94's and Hardcores. AIR 147 painted a canvas outside. Chicanas Con Hambre set up shop with tasty tacos. Big ups to everyone that came through and enjoyed the show, look out for future events here at GCS Santa Ana.

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